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Can UV Lights Zap Away Mold?

Homeowners in Franklin, Indiana, who are dealing with mold issues may have heard that ultraviolet lights and lamps are an efficient way to kill mold. However, does simply plugging in ultraviolet light (UV) lamp make mold problems disappear?

What Is Ultraviolet Light?

UV light is a form of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. It burns human skin, causing a tan or sunburn, making black light posters and fish glow. In addition, ultraviolet radiation can destroy chemical bonds between atoms. This characteristic of ultraviolet light is essential when discussing its ability to kill mold because it allows ultraviolet light to damage living tissues and other materials.

Ultraviolet light sits in the EM spectrum right between x-rays and visible light. Therefore, ultraviolet light is typically separated into three subbands. They are UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Ultraviolet radiation has the power to destroy chemical bonds. In addition, it can cause ionization, the process of electrons separating from atoms. This characteristic of ultraviolet light is essential when discussing its ability to destroy mold because it allows ultraviolet light to damage living tissues and other materials.

Does All UV Light Kill Mold?

The shortwave UVC ultraviolet energy is the farthest away from the light you can see. Its wavelengths are shorter than the rays in sunlight, giving it germicidal effects and making it the most effective in killing mold. Typically, shortwave ultraviolet light falls within 255nm through 280nm, destroys existing mold, and prevents future mold growth. The higher intensity of the UV light, the more effective the light will be at killing mold.

It will take a UV light between one and three hours to kill mold and can eradicate up to 99.9% of existing mold cells. UV lights work well when coupled with different mold remediation and removal efforts and can be combined with other procedures to create 100% removal of mold spores.

What Is the Best Practice for Using a UV Light to Kill Mold?

Calling in a professional to kill a mold infestation is always the best practice. They will prepare before using a UV lamp to remove mold by obtaining and wearing UV-protectant safety glasses and clothing. Even with UV glasses, looking directly at the light once turned on can be dangerous, so allow the professional to work in the prepared space. While handling a UV bulb, wearing protective equipment is vital to prevent skin damage; ensure that your professional takes all the proper precautions to protect themselves including wearing non-latex gloves covered with simple cotton gloves.

After the safety gear is prepared, a professional will remove as much physical mold as possible. Wearing a mask to reduce mold inhalation is essential, even for bystanders. Professionals set up a containment area with increased airflow and separation from the rest of the building before they begin.

The UV lights will be placed close to the mold treatment area. The treatment begins by blocking natural and artificial light, allowing only the UV lighting to ‘feed’ the mold. The UV light will be left on for at least two hours and then repositioned to attack the mold from a different angle. This process is repeated in every part of the home where mold spores exist.

Coupling UV Lights With Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can protect the health of your home’s occupants by sanitizing and purifying the indoor air and removing up to 99% of biological contaminants. These include airborne viruses and bacteria that can make a home’s occupants sick.

When coupled with UV lights, an air purifier can destroy the microscopic particles that are dangerous to people’s health. This means the occupants may be able to breathe better and enjoy cleaner air. In addition to removing dust and pollen, an air filter coupled with UV lights can remove up to 99% of mold spores from the air.

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