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When winter comes to Johnson County, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Dugan Air is dedicated to keeping you warm and cozy throughout the chilly months. With our exclusive specials and coupons, we make it easy and cost-effective to maintain a comfortable home.

If you need help with your heating system, don’t hesitate. Call us today at 317-422-4663 to enjoy Premium Service—No Shenanigans.

Furnace Repair and Installation

While furnaces are built to last, they’re not invincible. When your furnace starts acting up, it’s important to schedule a repair or replacement before it gives out entirely. Here are the signs that you should call Dugan Air for an honest service recommendation:

  • Cool, not warm, air blowing from the vents
  • Hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Odd smells or funny sounds coming from your furnace
  • Higher-than-normal utility bills
  • Unexplained dirt and dust accumulation

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Franklin

Heat pumps are known for their energy efficiency and the ability to provide heating and cooling from a single system. Switching to a heat pump could be a smart move if you’re looking for an effective HVAC solution that offers multiple comfort and money-saving benefits, including:

  • Dual functionality: One key advantage of a heat pump is that it can heat and cool your home. You essentially get two systems in one, reducing the number of appliances you have to worry about.
  • Lower utility bills: Heat pumps are renowned for their energy-efficient performance, consuming a smaller amount of electricity to produce the same level of heating or cooling as a traditional furnace or air conditioner. This efficiency translates directly to monthly utility savings.
  • Tax incentives: Federal and local governments offer financial incentives for homeowners who upgrade to energy-efficient home systems like heat pumps. Ask us about the eligibility requirements for rebates or tax credits, and we’ll help you qualify.
  • Environmentally friendly: Heat pumps have a lower carbon footprint than fossil fuel-fired heating systems, making them a more eco-conscious choice.
  • Quiet operation: Modern heat pumps operate at lower sound levels than many other systems, providing the comfort you need without the disruptive noise often associated with heating equipment.
  • Financing and free quotes: We understand that a new HVAC installation is a significant investment. That’s why we offer flexible financing and free quotes for new heat pumps, easing your financial concerns.

Heating Maintenance with Dugan Air

Whether you own a heat pump or a traditional furnace, maintenance is the key to your system’s long-term functionality. The team at Dugan Air is highly qualified for the job, with certified technicians boasting the skills, training, and experience of true professionals. We focus on customer satisfaction and premium service to meet your long-term maintenance needs.

It’s best to get a heating system checkup in the fall before winter hits Franklin, IN. To enjoy additional benefits like priority service and discounts on parts and labor, don’t forget to sign up for our Premium Clover Club maintenance plan. Choose from three tiers to meet your year-round heating and cooling needs with an affordable monthly payment.

Choose Dugan Air for Heating Service in Franklin

At Dugan Air, we are proud to be a highly rated HVAC service provider in Johnson County, drawing on over 10 years of experience to ensure a job well done. Whether you need heating repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance, you can expect transparent communication and golden service standards from our team.

To schedule reliable heating services in Franklin, please call us at 317-422-4663 today.

Premium Service Beginning to End
First Generation; Locally Owned & operated
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Premium Service
Beginning to End
First Generation; Locally
Owned & operated
24/7 Emergency Service
Financing Options that
fit your situation
Certified & Skilled
Maintenance Plans

My entire experience has been the best. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. They were on time and professional. I highly recommend Dugan Air Heating and Cooling.

Bonnie W.

Fantastic company to work with. Options were explained in detail with clear pricing. On time, fast, professional crew. Clean installation of new AC/Furnace. Best HVAC company I've ever hired.

Frank R.

These guys are awesome. Very professional with fair pricing. Always dependable. Won’t use anybody else! Love this company.

Linda S.

Max was super helpful and knowledgeable about what was needed for my A/C unit. I would highly recommend and will be calling Dugan again for any heating/air problems.

Jeremy R.

So happy we went with Dugan Air. Our home layout presented install issues that the team met head on. Sales team presented us with many options and walked thru the pros and cons of each. Great company, great people. Thanks to Dugan Air!

Mark R.
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