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7 Common Questions You Might Have About Air Purification

As a homeowner, you want the air inside of your home to be as safe and clean as possible to breathe. You need to remove impurities that can make the air dirty and might compromise the health of you and your family. Before you invest in an air purification system for your house, however, you may want to get some answers to some of your most pressing questions about it.

1. Can Air Purification Help Relieve Allergies and Asthma?

Air purification may help to relieve some or all of your allergy or asthma symptoms if they are caused by factors like dirt, dust, and pet dander that get in the air inside of your home. An air purification system is effective at removing these agents. Once the number of these agents is reduced in the indoor air, you might suffer less often from allergy flare-ups or asthma attacks.

2. Can Air Purification Remove Odors in My Home?

If your air purification system relies on an activated carbon filter, it can be effective at removing odors caused by factors like:

  • Cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Cooking
  • Dirty diapers
  • Rotting food
  • Kitchen garbage

You can use this system in areas of the house that experience foul odors most commonly. However, if your air purification has a HEPA filter in it, it might remove odors less successfully. A HEPA filter is more suited for removing allergens from the air inside of your home.

3. Will My Air Purifier Work for My Entire House?

Your air purification system may work for your entire house, depending on how large your property is and how many levels it has. The size of your air purifier can also determine how large of an area in which it can function. When you invest in an air purification system, you can find out how many square feet for which it is designed. You may opt for one that covers the largest amount of space if you want it to purify most or all of your home.

4. Can I Also Keep My Windows Open While I Run My Air Purifier?

You might like to open your windows and let in fresh air. However, when you run an air purifier in your home, you may cause it to work harder because it must remove the allergens, dirt, and dust that come in through the windows from the outdoors. When you want to keep the indoor air as clean as possible, you may open your windows less. You might instead opt to run your air conditioner to keep your indoor air cool.

5. Where Is the Best Area of the House to Use an Air Purification System?

You can effectively use an air purification system anywhere you want to clean the air in your house. Some people like to use these systems in the hallways and around the bedrooms where their children sleep. Others like to use these systems in and around the kitchen or living room to remove odors from cooking or smoking. It is important, however, that you place your air purifier away from areas where it can be obstructed with fixtures like draperies or doors.

6. How Long Should I Run My Air Purification System?

The length of time you run your air purifier will depend on factors like its size and the cleanliness of the air inside of your home. Smaller air purifiers typically benefit from being run for an hour or less at a time. Larger purifiers can tolerate being run for several hours.

7. Is Air Purification Noisy?

Air purifiers do make noise, much the same as air conditioners and heaters. However, their noise should not be overly bothersome. You may still be able to hold conversations and watch and listen to TV normally while running your air purification system.

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