South Indy Smart Thermostats in Greenwood, IN

At Dugan Air, we specialize in installing and servicing thermostats in Greenwood, IN. The type and location of your thermostat plays an important role in the functioning of your HVAC system. While many homes still have a manual thermostat, we highly recommend smart thermostats to all of our customers. Upgrading to a smart thermostat provides many benefits that go far beyond using your phone to control your HVAC system.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is similar to a programmable thermostat. Both let you set when your HVAC system turns on and off, which helps to reduce energy costs. The main difference is that a smart thermostat connects to your house’s Wi-Fi network. This enables you to adjust the system remotely even when you’re not at home.

For instance, you can set the thermostat to begin heating or cooling before leaving work. This way your house will be comfortable when you arrive. You also don’t need to worry about wasting energy by accidentally leaving your HVAC system on all day. Should this ever happen, you can simply use the connected app on your phone to turn off the system.

Smart thermostats can also learn about your behaviors. By doing so, they can automatically adjust your HVAC system so that it functions more effectively. These units don’t just measure indoor temperature like a standard thermostat. They also measure indoor humidity and outdoor temperatures. This enables them to better manage indoor temperature and reduce strain on your HVAC system.

These are just some of the benefits that upgrading to a smart thermostat can provide.
  • Improved home comfort
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Greater control over HVAC system

Your thermostat should never be on an exterior wall, near a window, or close to an HVAC supply vent. If so, it will interfere with its ability to accurately gauge your house’s temperature. The same is also true if the thermostat is in an area that’s exposed to direct sunlight. Issues also occur if it is in a room that stays hotter or colder than the rest of the building. For these reasons, we always evaluate a home to determine the best location for the thermostat before we install it.

Smart Thermostats in Greenwood

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a smart thermostat, the friendly, reliable team at Dugan Air is here to help. If your existing thermostat isn’t working properly for any reason, we can also inspect it and quickly diagnose the issue. We’ll make sure that your thermostat is in the best possible location.

We’ve been serving residents of Greenwood and the surrounding areas for more than 14 years. Our team has a reputation for providing top-notch workmanship and excellent customer service. All of our HVAC technicians are highly trained and fully licensed. Our team has many years of experience installing all types of thermostats.

To learn more about the benefits a smart thermostat can provide to your home in Greenwood, give the experts at Dugan Air a call today.

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Premium Service
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fit your situation
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