Expert Heat Pump Repair Service in Greenwood

If there is no cold air coming from your heat pump, your unit could have a faulty compressor, valve, or filter problems. For such issues, you may want to consult Dugan Air Heating and Cooling heat pump repair technicians in Greenwood, IN. You can always check your thermostat settings to rule out the possibility that someone accidentally changed the settings. However, most problems you’ll want to have handled by our professionals.

Heat Pump Repair in Greenwood, IN

Our heat pump service team can provide emergency services to clients in Johnson County. We are in the vicinity of the Johnson County Museum of History, and we’ll respond promptly wherever you are in Greenwood.

Greenwood’s #1 in Heat Pump Repair

The winter weather in Greenwood can be windy, chilly, and unpredictable. However, you can use a heat pump to heat your home in a cold climate. Heat pumps can be energy efficient and convenient. But when your equipment breaks down, it’s advisable to schedule a repair service immediately.

There are faults you may experience that you can fix with ease. For example, if your heat pump is not heating sufficiently, it could be an issue with its settings. Changing the settings could restore the function of your equipment.

Greenwood's #1 in Heat Pump Repair

Certified heat pump service technicians in Greenwood can fix issues you do not have the expertise to service. During repairs, they can recalibrate your thermostat and check electrical connections, leaving your system safe and efficient.

Numerous signs show your heat pump needs repair. So when you see any of the following, call our team, and we’ll be there right away.

  • Unit makes unusual noises
  • Unpleasant odor from the unit
  • It blows cold air instead of warm or visa versa
  • The heat pump is running constantly

Only a professional should inspect the more intricate components of your heat pump if changing configurations don’t work. An inexperienced person can easily damage a faulty compressor or refrigerant. Additionally, parts of the system like the refrigerant can release toxins that could be hazardous if inhaled.

Professional Heat Pump Service

For more than 14 years, our professional technicians have been providing quality solutions in Greenwood. As a quality company that offers EPA-certified products, we care about offering heating solutions that will restore your home’s comfort. We are known for producing unmatched results, and our motto is “Premium Service – No Shenanigans.” You can expect our team to deliver nothing short of outstanding craftsmanship.

You can consult Dugan Air Heating and Cooling for heat pump repair and affordable comfort solutions in Greenwood. You can schedule an appointment on our website today with our top-rated team.

Professional Heat Pump Service

At Dugan Air Heating and Cooling, we also provide heat pump installation, and heat pump maintenance in Greenwood. Not Looking for heat pump services? We also offer furnace maintenance, installation, and exceptional cooling repair services.

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Premium Service
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24/7 Emergency Service
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fit your situation
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My entire experience has been the best. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. They were on time and professional. I highly recommend Dugan Air Heating and Cooling.

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Max was super helpful and knowledgeable about what was needed for my A/C unit. I would highly recommend and will be calling Dugan again for any heating/air problems.

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So happy we went with Dugan Air. Our home layout presented install issues that the team met head on. Sales team presented us with many options and walked thru the pros and cons of each. Great company, great people. Thanks to Dugan Air!

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