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Which Company Makes the Best Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Designed and introduced by Mitsubishi in 1959, ductless mini-split air conditioners have since taken the world by storm. Currently recognized as one of the most efficient options in residential climate control, ductless ACs can supply whole-house cooling in buildings without central HVAC systems. If you’re shopping for a ductless mini-split for your Franklin, IN, home, you might wonder which company produces the best model. Read on to get help with this incredibly important purchasing decision.

Size of the Home

Before targeting any specific ductless AC model or brand, it’s important to understand the needs and nuances of the building you want to service. Some ductless AC models are designed to serve only a single remote area. For instance, if you already have central cooling in your Franklin property, you could just need supplementary cooling for your garage, finished basement, garden room, or attic bedroom. Spaces like these are frequently unserviced or under-serviced by central air conditioners.

Other ductless mini-split systems work well for smaller homes. With ductless cooling, you’ll have the ability to divide your living space into several distinct zones. Each zone will have its own thermostat and air handler, and each zone can be cooled independently of the others. Ductless models that can accommodate between one and four indoor air handlers work best for modest family dwellings with just one to three bedrooms.

Larger and bi-level homes require more cooling power. For these homes, shopping for ductless mini-split air conditioners that can accommodate up to eight air handlers is a much better choice. Keep in mind that not every ductless AC manufacturer builds units for large houses with more than five bedrooms.

Efficiency Ratings

Ductless air conditioning is an incredibly efficient choice for multiple reasons. To start, having zoned cooling in your home eliminates the need to constantly control the climate in spaces that no one is using. If you have a remote guest room that’s unoccupied throughout much of the summer season, you can keep this space closed off and avoid wasting energy.

Ductless AC also makes it possible to sidestep the all-too-common energy losses that are associated with aging or leaky ductwork. Moreover, these units rely on heat transfer rather than actually producing cold air. As such, only a modest amount of energy is needed to support their basic operations.

However, efficiency ratings across all ductless mini-splits aren’t the same. Some ductless AC manufacturers make efficiency a much greater priority than others. Whether you’re hoping to qualify for federal tax incentives that are available under 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act or simply want to lower your carbon footprint, you should target ductless makes and models with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. The most current SEER rating system is the SEER2 rating system. The minimum SEER2 rating for efficiency-related tax incentives in Indiana is 16.

Helpful Mini-Split Features

Nearly all ductless mini-split systems come with one or more remote controls so that residents can adjust the settings on their air handlers from the bed, the sofa, and more. However, not all AC remotes have intuitive, easy-to-use designs. Some manufacturers design these units as optional, low-use accessories, and others treat them as essential devices by streamlining them for regular and convenient use.

Many consumers are increasingly interested in Wi-Fi-enabled appliances that can be adjusted and controlled remotely. If your focus is on modernizing your home, improving its marketability, and adding to its value, going for a smart, Wi-Fi-enabled option is a great way to stay on par with or even ahead of current market expectations. This type of system can be set and adjusted from any mobile phone, laptop, or tablet that has an Internet connection.

Ductless ACs That Can Operate at Low Ambient Temperatures

Some ductless AC models are capable of operating in low ambient temperatures. Not everyone waits until the outside temperature is unbearable before turning their ductless air conditioners on. Someone might want to use the mini-split in your home even when outside temperatures are as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit if they’re:

  • Experiencing hot flashes
  • Feeling ill and are overheated as a result
  • Cooking a hot, hearty meal
  • Working out indoors

Choosing an air conditioner that can reliably function in cooler weather will ensure that everyone’s cooling needs are met at all times.

We’re a Diamond Elite Mitsubishi Contractor

Although there isn’t a single ductless mini-split that’s “best” for every home and every set of cooling needs, Mitsubishi was the very first brand to bring ductless mini-split air conditioners to the market, and it’s had more than six decades to perfect its designs. We’re proud to be a Diamond Elite Mitsubishi Contractor, and we’re proud to offer an exciting range of ductless mini-split models from this manufacturer.

For more than 14 years, we’ve been serving residents of Franklin, Indiana and the surrounding communities. We offer heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services. Our clients can also turn to us for top-rated ductless mini-splits, smart thermostats, new construction installations, and preventative maintenance plans. Call Dugan Heating Cooling today to schedule an appointment.



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