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What’s That Furnace Noise and How Do You Fix It?

Furnaces can run into many common issues over the years. They can begin to make unsettling noises like buzzing, banging, or whistling that persist for hours. A change in your furnace doesn’t necessarily mean the appliance is reaching the end of its life. Your furnace may be struggling to efficiently function or work with broken components. Consider these common causes when trying to determine what’s making the new noise in your furnace.

Broken Blower Motor

Many furnace noises are caused by a broken or damaged blower motor that hasn’t been cleaned or lubricated regularly. The belt and motor bearings may wear down or break, leading to loud humming or rattling noises. While your furnace should make some noise when on, you should be able to identify any irregular noises that could indicate damage or system issues.

Delicate furnace parts like the blower motor and its components need frequent maintenance to ensure they’re running smoothly. If you begin to hear loud noises from your system before it suddenly shuts down, call an expert technician as soon as possible for repairs.

Dirty Burners

The burners in your furnace should easily light and stay on while the system heats the home. If they’re dirty or damaged, gas can build up in the chamber until the burner lights. This small explosion can cause a loud bang or boom that startles the household. You may only notice a noise every once in a while, but it can become progressively louder and worse over time. If you believe your furnace is suffering from dirty burners, immediately turn off your system, and schedule an appointment with a technician.

Clogged Filter

A whistling or wheezing sound can indicate the filters are full. You should be regularly replacing your filters to maintain good air quality. The furnace may be struggling to get enough air in the system, or it could be clogged due to too much dust and contaminants. This is an easy fix if you have replacement filters ready to go. If you put in a new filter and the noise continues, there may be an air leak in the ductwork. This can happen over time due to normal wear and tear in ducts or even a pest infestation. Scheduling regular ductwork cleaning can keep you informed of any significant issues. Maintaining the integrity of your ductwork and a healthy airflow are integral to your system’s functioning.

Damaged Transformer

Your furnace uses a transformer to convert the power from your electrical supply into a usable voltage. This part supplies power to your furnace and can make a buzzing or humming noise when electricity is flowing through it. You’ll likely hear the noise when your furnace turns on if you’re nearby. Your transformer will make a normal amount of noise when it’s functioning. However, if the noise becomes louder or your furnace begins to act strangely or completely turn off, you should set up an appointment with a technician. Regular maintenance and repair can catch issues like a bad transformer before they develop into a bigger problem that’s harder to fix.

Loose Parts

A noise problem within your furnace could be caused by loose parts and components like bolts and screws. This is especially common if you’ve recently had a new furnace installed. If the furnace was jostled or dropped during delivery or installation, parts inside could’ve become loose or damaged. Components may also loosen over time due to continuous system vibrations. This will result in loud buzzing or grinding noises over time that may get worse as more components jostle free. As the integrity of your furnace falls, more damage can develop and affect the entire system. Always address furnace issues as soon as possible to keep your home properly heated and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

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