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Choosing When to Install Your HVAC Unit

Replacing your HVAC system can be a monumental and costly task. However, it can be even worse for you if you try to replace it when it is already too late. Choosing the right time to replace your HVAC unit can make all the difference. Like most things in life, your HVAC system is most likely to break down when you desperately need it: during a heat wave or a snowstorm.

That is why you will need to replace your system before it fails. Planning ahead allows you to replace it at a time that’s convenient for everyone inside your home. After all, you don’t want to go through summer or winter without your system working.

Is There a Good Time?

As with anything in life, there are trade-offs when deciding when to replace your HVAC system. For example, it gets sweltering in Festus, MO, but it also gets really cold in the winter. That means you are bound to pay a massive cost when trying to replace your system in either one of these seasons. You might also think you can get your system through one more season before it needs replacing.

Many people pay over the market rate because they thought their system would make it through one more season, but it broke down in the middle of bad weather. When that happens, you can check with our experts at [company_name]. We can provide you with the heating repair, maintenance, and installation services that you need. We also do the same with air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair. We provide services around the Festus, MO area.

The Off Season

The best time to have your HVAC unit installed is during the off-season. This is typically spring or fall or when it isn’t too hot or too cold to do without a system. During this time, since the overwhelming majority of people do not plan ahead, you will get much better rates on your HVAC system installation. You can get an affordable job done at an optimum time. The only question is whether or not you will want to replace your system if it’s not completely broken. This is an important question that our experienced technicians can help you answer.

Scheduling Ahead

As mentioned above, it is imperative to schedule ahead when installing your HVAC unit. If you don’t, you don’t get to control when the job gets done. You might end up in a long queue behind other people who did not think to plan ahead either. In peak months, HVAC installers are incredibly busy. That means it’s almost impossible for you to get served quickly and affordably. You might wait weeks for them to get around to your unit. Like many others, this is a seasonal business that needs careful consideration based on the condition of your system and where you live. Many people have found that they can save up to 15% by simply picking a good time to have their HVAC system installed.

Certain Times Are Cheaper

Is there a great time to replace the HVAC unit? The answer to that is a resounding yes. However, the nuanced view is to look at the weather in your local area and decide when your off-season is. It should be a decision you’re completely confident in because sometimes summer or winter might last a bit longer than you hoped. You will then be in a situation where you have to decide between enduring the harsh weather without your system or paying more to install it when it’s the most expensive.

Either way, we can help you get your HVAC system installed. Contact [company_name] to get started. We offer heating, cooling, and special services like water heaters, ductwork, and sheet metal fabrication.



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