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6 Furnace Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Many homeowners use furnaces to keep their homes warm during the cold winter months by heating the indoor air. During the summer season, these heating units assist in circulating conditioned air from the cooling system. A furnace is a perfect option if you require constant air circulation to keep your house warm and comfortable.

While a furnace is a reliable way to heat your home, it can become hazardous if you are not careful. Furnace maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your appliance is operating correctly and safely. To protect your family and your home, follow the furnace safety tips and tricks discussed below.

1. Test the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Some furnace issues can cause fire hazards. Carbon monoxide leaks are also among the most common threats that malfunctioning furnaces can pose to homes. Accidents can happen. However, you can easily keep your household safe by preparing adequately for these potential problems. With that in mind, ensure you replace batteries on fire and carbon monoxide alarms at least once every year. Schedule this maintenance at the onset of the winter season because the alarms will warn you of any furnace glitches.

You can place the two alarms in the same room as your furnace and test them so you are certain they’ll warn you of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. To enhance your home’s safety when using a furnace, install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on all levels of your home.

2. Change the Filters

It is crucial to change your filters regularly. Clean filters help your furnace work with great efficiency and to prevent dust circulation in your home. A dirty filter can cause many avoidable problems, including efficiency and safety issues. It can also lead to performance problems that can result in furnace failure or breakdown. Change the filters at least once every one to three months in the winter when you mostly use the furnace. However, if you use the furnace more often or if you keep pets, you might need to change the filters more often.

3. Clear the Area Around the Furnace

Keeping the area around the furnace clear can help you reduce the chances of fire hazards. Your furnace requires fresh air to function properly. If the unit doesn’t get adequate air, it might suck up oxygen in your house, endangering your entire family household.

Moreover, anything blocking airflow may also cause your furnace to heat your home unevenly. As a result, your furnace will work extra harder and will increase your utility bills. You can open floor registers and clear all obstructions to keep the heat evenly spread throughout your living space while boosting your furnace’s efficiency.

4. Keep Flammable Items Away

Keep any items or products that can catch fire away from the heat generated by your furnace. Some homeowners utilize their furnace space for laundry or storage. If your furnace chamber has more than one purpose, ensure that you keep this space well-organized. Any item or product left near the heating appliance becomes a safety hazard.

If you normally use your furnace space as a laundry area, avoid hanging your clothes near the furnace. Also, keep all your cleaning products in airtight containers. That’s because ammonia fumes can corrode the heat exchanger of your furnace. It would be best if you kept the area around your heating equipment clear for safety and efficiency.

5. Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance

An annual furnace inspection and maintenance is important to ensure your unit works properly, safely, and efficiently. During the inspection, your licensed technician will check your unit for other potential problems, such as carbon monoxide leaks, and any other issue that could lead to safety hazards.

6. Hire Professionals to Perform Furnace Repairs

If you encounter a problem with your furnace before the maintenance period, don’t try to solve the issue yourself, regardless of how handy you are. Allow your heating expert to give you a professional opinion and to make the necessary repairs despite how simple the problem may seem. That’s because one small mistake can lead to a fire or to carbon monoxide buildup in your home.

Partner With the Heating Experts Today

Follow the six tips above to provide your household with a warm and safe environment during the entire heating season. These actions will also make you feel at ease knowing you have a safe and efficient furnace during the winter season. If you notice uneven heating in your home or if you feel something is wrong with your heating equipment, contact the professionals at Dugan Heating Cooling. These technicians will inspect your unit, identify all the problems, and make the needed repairs to keep your house warm and safe.

We also offer cooling, air quality, HVAC support, smart thermostats, and new construction services to the residents of Franklin, IN. Contact us now for any of the above services or to book an appointment online.



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