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5 Benefits of Installing an Energy-Efficient Heating System

Winters in Franklin, IN, are cold, so you’ll need a heating system that efficiently warms your home. If you’re tired of paying more and more each month for home heating costs, an energy-efficient heating system is a smart choice. Here are five of the top benefits of installing an energy-efficient new heating system in your house.

1. Lower Monthly Heating Bills

Making the switch to an energy-efficient heating system could lower your monthly heating bills by 30% or more every month. For most households, this will be a $20 to $50 monthly savings. Over the course of a winter, you could easily save $100 to $300 on heating costs by choosing a high-efficiency heating system. Across the system’s lifespan, you’ll save thousands of dollars. If possible, combine your new heater with updated ducts. Your home’s ducts could waste up to 35% of the heated air. When you’re getting a new heating system installed, consider duct repair, sealing, or replacement. You could also seal small gaps and cracks around windows and door frames to further eliminate air leaks and lower your heating costs. Adding an energy-efficient heating system to your residence also increases your property’s resale value if you decide to sell it in the next few years.

2. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Many people are concerned about their household’s energy use and how it impacts the environment. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a high-efficiency heating system is its environmental friendliness. High-efficiency heating systems use 30% to 50% less power to heat a house. This means your home will use fewer fossil fuels each heating season and emit less carbon dioxide. Energy-efficient furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 95% or higher use one-third the amount of natural gas of a 30-year-old furnace with an AFUE of 65%. You may also be eligible for a tax credit if you choose an energy-efficient heating system with Energy Star certification.

3. Longer System Lifespan

Energy-efficient heating systems perform fewer cycles over their lifespans. The startup of a cycle causes the most wear and tear on the moving parts and electrical components. One part that’s less likely to fail on an energy-efficient heating system is the capacitor. The capacitor is responsible for delivering a large load of electricity to start up the heating system’s compressor motor or air handler motor. Too much starting and stopping wears out this essential system. Because most energy-efficient heating systems operate at lower speeds, there’s less stress on the moving parts. The compressor, fan, and belts of energy-efficient heaters last longer.

4. Less Maintenance

Upgrading to an energy-efficient heating system will reduce the maintenance and repair calls you have to make. Modern furnaces and heat pumps are designed to be more user-friendly. They’re sealed better than heating systems were a generation ago, so less dust and debris gets into the interior components. They also use better controls, such as an electronic ignition instead of a pilot light that’s prone to going out. You’ll only need to check the air filter monthly and replace it at least once every three months. Your new heater will also need an annual tune-up.

5. Increased Comfort

Energy-efficient heating systems typically offer one or more features that improve your home’s indoor comfort. One such feature is a variable-speed compressor. These compressors operate at a lower speed for a longer period of time. The result is more consistent delivery of warm air to the rooms of your home. Another feature that energy-efficient furnaces can have is an energy recovery ventilator. These systems capture the heat from flue gases and use it to heat the fresh incoming air. An energy recovery ventilator also retains moisture from your house’s air, so your residence won’t be as dry during the winter months of the year. Maintaining an indoor humidity level of 30% to 50% helps you feel more comfortable, lowers your risk of nasal, skin, throat, and eye irritations, and reduces your risk of getting a respiratory infection.

Dugan Heating Cooling is Franklin’s trusted provider of energy-efficient heating systems. We’re also here to provide you with cost-effective heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Homeowners turn to us for new thermostats, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and air filters as well. For additional details about the benefits of installing an energy-efficient heating system in your Franklin area home, give us at Dugan Heating Cooling a call today.



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