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4 Ways to Maximize AC Efficiency at Home

While your AC unit might be performing the way you expect it to, there are always ways to improve its operational efficiency. Not only does this lead to better temperature control indoors, but it also results in lower electricity bills. Here are four ways you can make the best use of your AC unit.

1. Minimize Gaps Where Air Can Escape

If you’re running your AC, make sure all windows and doors to unused rooms are closed. Cool air will escape to the outside through these gaps and, at the same time, hot air from the outside will flood your home. This results in your AC having to work harder to regulate temperatures. Aside from keeping windows and doors closed, you should also seal slits off with tape.

2. Use Your Thermostat Correctly

Constantly adjusting your thermostat forces your AC to run longer than it needs to. This can lead to more frequent on-off cycles. Set your thermostat to the recommended 78-degree temperature and forget about it. You can also program your AC thermostat to switch on before you get home from work or school and shut down automatically when no one’s home.

3. Change Your AC Filter

Obstructed airflow leads to operational inefficiency. A clogged filter not only reduces airflow and increases the workload for your AC, but it also leads to lower indoor air quality. Change your filters at least every two months or clean them regularly with a vacuum or soft brush. In addition to the filter, the condenser fins should also be cleared of any dirt and debris.

4. Get Preventative Maintenance

It might cost money, but it’s far cheaper to have preventative maintenance done to your AC unit than it is to repair or replace parts once your AC starts to malfunction. Hire an experienced, certified, and insured HVAC technician, like Dugan Air Heating & Cooling, to perform a comprehensive assessment of your AC unit.

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