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Are AC Tune-Ups Necessary?

There is nothing worse than an AC breakdown in the middle of summer. Like many appliances in your home, you may forget about the AC until it is no longer working. Getting an AC-tune up at least once a year ensures that the device works optimally and prevents unnecessary repairs.

What Does Professional AC Tune-Up Entail?

The first step is to inspect the components of the system for safety or efficiency issues. The main things experts look out for include:

  • Returning and exiting air temperature checks
  • Electrical issues
  • Refrigerant and pressure levels
  • Evaporator coil and compressor checks
  • Thermostat issues
  • Blower wheel and motor inspection
  • A refrigerant line insulation check
  • Control board check
  • Filter issues

By inspecting your AC’s condition in Franklin, IN, Dugan Air technicians can identify issues before they worsen. They proceed to adjust the components that are not running efficiently to ensure the device’s optimal operation.

Reasons to Get Annual AC Tune-Ups

The air conditioning takes up about 6% of the household energy consumption. Routine maintenance saves on energy costs because it ensures that the unit is operating optimally. You should fix the issues when they are minor instead of waiting for a major breakdown. Here’s what you get from an annual AC tune-up.

1. A Spring Tune-Up Will Give Your AC a Head Start

It’s been a while since you last used your AC, so it might not run efficiently. Imagine if your car has been sitting in the garage for several months – would you take it on a long drive before a thorough inspection? The same applies to your air conditioning unit. Consider giving your AC a head start by asking an expert to inspect it. Otherwise, you risk a breakdown that could have easily been prevented.

2. Better Air Quality Lowers Medical Costs

A well-serviced AC will maintain the optimal indoor air quality in your home, which is paramount for your family’s health. If the system’s filter is clogged, the indoor concentration of air pollutants like pollen, viruses, mold, and dust might increase. If the furnace fails and safety measures don’t kick in, you might risk carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why hiring a professional to tune-up your unit is crucial.

3. Neglecting Maintenance Can Void Your Warranty

Most ACs come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer, and most require the users to maintain their units. Check your warranty certificate, and if you find a section labeled “Eligibility Requirements” or “Exclusions,” you need to consider an annual tune-up. Manufacturers know that well-maintained air conditioning is unlikely to require a warranty.

4. Avoid Future Issues

When you don’t handle minor issues in time, they might stack up after a while. Unfortunately, this might cause significant problems that force you to replace the entire unit. Regular AC maintenance will help detect problems early on. That way, you don’t have to deal with scorching or freezing temperatures at the peak of summer or winter.

5. Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Repairs

There is no guarantee that your AC will break down if you skip the tune-up, but why should you take chances? After all, if it malfunctions, you will have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix the issue. While inspections cannot prevent all AC problems from occurring, they can prevent 50% of heating and cooling issues.

6. Regular Maintenance Prolongs The AC’s Lifespan

Maintaining your air conditioning unit usually results in fewer repairs, thus prolonging the lifespan of your AC. The reverse is also true because neglecting the AC might lead to a breakdown and reduce its lifespan. Think about your car again; if you don’t buy new tires or never get an oil change, it might not last for a long time. Maintaining your AC will keep it functioning optimally for prolonged periods.

7. Increased HVAC Efficiency

Debris, dust, and dirt can clog your air conditioning system and reduce its efficiency. If you don’t want your unit to work twice as hard as it should, consider getting regular AC tune-ups. Ensuring that your AC is at the top of its game also helps to reduce the energy bill.

The air conditioning unit collects debris, dirt, and dust throughout the year, lowering its efficiency. Our NATE-certified technicians at Dugan Air will be happy to inspect your AC any time you contact us. If you live in Franklin, IN, and the surrounding areas, call us today for all your heating and cooling needs. We also offer HVAC support, smart thermostat installation, indoor air quality checks, and new facilities.



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